At SonikHealth, we are imagining effective sinus treatment without drugs or surgery. We are working to develop the first non-invasive at-home treatment for sinusitis without the side effects of surgery, antibiotics, or nasal decongestants. Our vision is to develop an innovative handheld device that uses a proprietary multi-modal ultrasonic system to disrupt the biofilm in the sinuses, reduce inflammation, and provide symptom relief.


Sinusitis isn’t only painful it also significantly impacts the quality of life for the over 200 million patients that live with it. Multiple studies have shown that there is a significant negative effect on individuals’ work life, energy, and mental health. Current treatments either have limited efficacy (antibiotics, nasal steroids), are highly invasive (surgery, balloon sinuplasty, saline irrigation) or only manage the symptoms without treating the underlying inflammation (decongestants, tens units). There is an urgent need for an economical, over-the-counter device to treat sinus infections.


SonikHealth has designed the first non-invasive treatment for sinusitis, SonikClear™. SonikClear works by reducing sinus inflammation. It is an at-home, consumer-friendly treatment for acute and chronic sinus infections without the side effects of surgery, antibiotics, or nasal decongestants. It consists of an innovative handheld multimodal frequency system that treats sinus inflammation and provides symptom relief. The ultrasound waves can penetrate the frontal and maxillary sinuses without being invasive.

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