SonikHealth licenses AxioSonic Sinusitis technology which was selected to be a part of the 2018 Medtech Innovator

February 2022,  Amsterdam Netherlands

SonikHealth, a medical device startup focused on the treatment of sinusitis, is pleased to announce that they have licensed from AxioSonic,  a handheld device that consists of an innovative handheld multimodal frequency system to treat symptoms of sinusitis and facial pain due to chronic sinusitis. This device has a simple user interface, integrated haptic feedback, and proprietary algorithms to optimize delivery of the multimodal frequency system. A 15 patient prospective single-arm study using the device showed statistically significant (p<0.05) improvement in pain scores and sinus symptom scores (SNOT-22). Endoscopy results performed before and after treatment indicated reduced or completely resolved middle meatal edema (inflammation) in 13/14 patients. No adverse events were reported. This study was published in a peer-reviewed journal Sinusitis.  

The AxioSonic technology was developed at Bonutti Technologies as part of their mission to create minimally invasive medical device solutions. Bonutti Technologies has partnered with NLC a leading worldwide venture builder to form SonikHealth. As a venture builder, NLC is able to connect SonikHealth with support and services to enable the rapid commercialization of the SonikClear technology.