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At SonikHealth we are reimagining sinus treatment. Reducing inflammation is key

There are no approved medications in the USA or EU for chronic sinusitis. Even though 200 million people worldwide suffer from sinusitis, current sinusitis treatments are either invasive or not very effective. The USA is spending $11 billion a year attempting to treat sinusitis. Over $5 Billion of which is spent on invasive sinus surgeries. $2.0 billion is spent on decongestants and nasal steroids which treat the symptoms but not the infection. Sinusitis is driving non-essential antibiotic prescriptions. In the USA, 1 in 5 antibiotic prescriptions is written for sinusitis despite the CDC estimating that for every 13-15 prescriptions written only 1 person gets better. Biofilm protects the bacteria in the sinuses from systemic medication. Local treatments such as inhaled medications and saline irrigation may have difficulty reaching the frontal sinuses. Sinusitis is difficult to treat because there are many different subtypes with different underlying pathophysiology but what all sinusitis shares in common is inflammation of the sinuses. Emerging treatments that are currently in clinical studies such as Sanofi’s Dupixent and Optinose’s Xhance are both focused on reducing inflammation, but these treatments will be expensive with serious side effects. SonikHealth believes that we can use our proprietary multimode frequency system to reduce inflammation in the sinuses non-invasively with a simple treatment that is pleasant to apply.