Our Technology

Effective Sinus Relief Without Drugs or Surgery

The presence of biofilm in the sinus cavities is a primary contributor to the development of recurrent sinus infections. Studies conducted by SonikHealth engineers have shown that application of high-frequency ultrasound reduces biofilm formation and bacterial count in vitro. In addition, human trials in Europe, New Zealand, and Asia have shown that the application of ultrasound reduces symptoms of both chronic and acute sinusitis.

SonikHealth’s device consists of an innovative handheld multimodal frequency system to treat symptoms of sinusitis and facial pain due to chronic sinusitis. This device has a simple user interface, integrated haptic feedback, and proprietary algorithms to optimize delivery of the multimodal frequency system. A 15 patient prospective single-arm study using the device showed statistically significant (p<0.05) improvement in pain scores and sinus symptom scores (SNOT-22). Endoscopy results performed before and after treatment indicated reduced or completely resolved middle meatal edema (inflammation) in 13/14 patients. No adverse events were reported. This study was published in a peer-reviewed journal Sinusitis.